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Growth Loops Technology is a software development company with a particular focus on helping businesses transition to new aged
AI tools Powered by LLM technologies like OpenAI.

We are development experts on all technologies & platforms

Frontend Development

Using the latest technology and frameworks, we bring your vision to life with pixel-perfect precision.

Backend Development

Our backend developers excel at architecting and implementing the backbone of your software.

Mobile App Development

Whether you're targeting iOS, Android, or cross-platform development, we have the expertise to bring your app to life.

AI & Natural Language

With our expertise in AI and LLMs, we help you create custom solutions that propel your business to new heights.


Our experts design robust database architectures tailored to your specific needs, ensuring efficiency & scalability.

Servers & Cloud Infrastructure

We leverage industry-leading cloud platforms, such as AWS and Google Cloud, to create agile and scalable solutions.

Why choose Growth Loops Technology?

Agile & Adaptive

Our iterative approach ensures that we respond quickly to changing requirements, allowing us to deliver solutions that evolve with your needs.

Rapid Development

Our streamlined workflows and efficient team coordination result in faster project delivery, getting your product to market in weeks.

Flexible Engagement

Whether it's co-development, fixed price, or T&M, choose the optimal working model that suits your business needs.

Remote Development

Distance is no barrier with us. Our remote development capabilities allow us to work seamlessly with clients across the globe.

Affordable Cost

We believe in delivering exceptional value at a competitive cost. Our pricing models are transparent and designed to fit your budget.

Local Convenience

We prioritize your convenience. Our team is adept at adjusting working hours to match your local time zone.

We have a simple, yet bulletproof and effective process.

1.Project Idea

Immerse ourselves in your vision, objectives, and audience to lay the foundation for success.

2.Development & Execution

Our skilled developers, designers, and AI specialists come together to craft your software solution.

3.Launch & Scale

Meticulously test, deploy, and support your product for a seamless user experience and scalability.

Ready to start working together with our team?


Our Esteemed Clients

We have worked with large enterprise like Upwork to early stage startups like Happychat AI. We specilize in building building Full stack AI and ML products leveraging latest LLM capabilities. We have built multiple AI products spanning accross domains.

HappyChat AI

HappyChat AI is a SaaS product that allows users to create Chatbots with your personal content from various sources such as url, pdf, sitemap. Chatbot widgets are fully customizable and can be embedded to any wesbite through JS snippet.

Skills Used -

  • Backend Technology: Flask, Python, DynamoDB, OpenAI
  • Frontend Technology: Reactjs, Webflow.
  • Hosting: AWS, ec2, s3 bucket.

Cloud Engineered

Cloud Engineered help you write code faster, optimize your code for better performance, collaborate with other developers more effectively, learn new programming languages and frameworks, and manage your coding projects more efficiently.

Skills Used -

  • Backend Technology: Flask, Python, DynamoDB, OpenAI
  • Frontend Technology: Webflow.
  • Hosting: AWS, ec2, s3 bucket.

AI Top Tools

Largest directory of AI tools available, ranked with dynamic Algorithms.

Skills Used -

  • Backend Technology: Flask, Python, Mysql, OpenAI
  • Frontend Technology: WordPress.
  • Hosting: AWS, ec2, RDS.


A SaaS subscription product for marketers to generate paid social media ads through chatGPT.

Skills Used -

  • Backend Technology: Python, Flask, DynamoDB, OpenAI/ChatGpt3
  • Frontend Technology: React, html, css
  • Hosting: AWS, ec2, s3 bucket.


We have built applications to run ads on major ad platforms like Google Facebook and LinkedIn at a very large scale.

Skills Used -

  • Backend Technology: Java11, Spring Boot, Postgres.
  • Frontend Technology: Vuejs, Nuxt, Tailwind CSS.
  • Hosting: AWS, ec2, RDS, s3 bucket.


The AI Personal Brand Coach For Athletes.

Skills Used -

  • BackEnd Technology : Python, Flask, FastAPI
  • Frontend Technology: React Native, iOS app
  • Hosting : AWS

Creatives Matter

Creatives matter is a robust CRM tool to connect influencers with companies.

Skills Used -

  • BackEnd Technology : Django, python
  • Frontend Technology : React
  • Hosting : AWS ec2


iMongu is a goal management software for companies and teams.

Skills Used -

  • BackEnd Technology : Django, python
  • Frontend Technology : React
  • Hosting : AWS ec2


Ancoraa is a one stop solution for insolvency and settlement.

Skills Used -

  • BackEnd Technology : Flask, python
  • Frontend Technology :
  • Hosting : AWS ec2

Summarize and chat with youtube videos, PDF's, websites, and articles.

Skills Used -

  • BackEnd Technology : Django, python
  • Frontend Technology : html, css, Javascript
  • Hosting : Digital Ocean

What people say

I had the pleasure of working with Gunendu and his team. He is an incredibly talented developer who dedicated his time and effort to creating my chatbot page. From start to finish, his exceptional problem-solving skills and attention to detail were evident, as he worked tirelessly to fix every bug and ensure a seamless user experience. He collaborated closely with me, understanding my vision, and actively contributing to the design and development process. His technical expertise was outstanding, as he utilized the latest frameworks and tools to create a powerful and user-friendly chatbot page that exceeded my expectations. Throughout the project, his professionalism, work ethic, and commitment to excellence were evident, making it a pleasure to work with him. I wholeheartedly recommend this developer for their hard work, dedication, and ability to transform ideas into polished and functional solutions


I recently had the pleasure of working with Gunendu on a complex project, and I couldn't be happier with the results. From the start, Gunendu demonstrated excellent communication skills, ensuring that they fully understood my requirements and expectations. Throughout the project, Gunendu consistently delivered high-quality work and was always open to feedback. They were proactive in suggesting creative solutions to challenges that arose, which ultimately led to a more polished final product.

Alejandro Rey

Gunendu showed skill and expertise, and was willing to answer all of our questions as well as make reasonable changes when we asked. Thank you, Gunendu!


Gunendu completed the job on time with skill and expertise. Thank you for working with us, Gunendu!


“Gunendu and his team were amazing to work with. They took a complicated idea and turned it into a functioning web application. They were extremely patient and remained professional throughout the entire process. They worked diligently to fix any all bugs and to ensure that I was completely satisfied with the product. I look forward to working with them again in the near future”

Michael Piedra

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